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At ACES Las Vegas, we offer a wide range of private investigative services in and around the fabulous “City of Lights” in the Nevada desert.
We think you’ll find we’re the very best at what we do, and we’d love the chance to show you that on a personal and confidential level. If you need a Las Vegas investigators for any reason, our ACES Las Vegas private investigator is your ultimate source in southern Nevada.
We have a team of exceptionally trained private investigators at our disposal, with decades of experience providing top notch private investigative services to individuals and businesses throughout Nevada.
We also work closely with law enforcement officials and have an established network of associates and experts in many different fields.
We will always treat your case with the utmost care, guarding your confidentiality and reputation above all else. We handle each case and each client with professionalism, courtesy and discretion during each step of the process. 
So if you need a Las Vegas private investigator, give ACES Las Vegas a call today and put the best in Nevada to work on your behalf!


Our ACES Las Vegas Private Investigator is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our success rate is very high, and our work ethic is set even higher. We believe in getting you the information you need within the scope of your investigation. We are registered with several companies to ensure our quality of service is not only recognized, but our clients are happy with their services.

ACES Las Vegas is registered with the BBB

Our commitment to excellence is well above our peers, talk to of our Las Vegas investigators today about your case Contact Us


Trust in our Background and Training, each agent has multiple areas of disciplines. Each agent has an average of 15 + years in law enforcement, self defense, mixed martial arts, computer forensics, or military experience. We have the talent you need for your case.


Unlike many private investigators in Las Vegas our results are extremely successful. Each case is handled with the professionalism, discretion, and care.

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Our PI Las Vegas Services

One of the things a Las Vegas detective spends a good deal of time doing is surveillance work. It’s a mainstay of the private investigation world and it’s certainly no different at ACES Las Vegas.
Our team of Las Vegas private investigators receive extensive training on how to conduct modern day surveillance and have the very best in technology at their fingertips, which allows them to achieve the best results for the client.
From GPS trackers, to high tech cameras and video equipment, our investigators leave no stone unturned when it comes to completing their assignments and returning as much information as possible to our clients.
And if you need the information for a court case, we’ll make sure that the reports you receive will hold up and be documented in a way that we can easily testify on your behalf.
If you think an employee or former employee is being less than honest in regards to his or her worker’s compensation claim, then you owe it to yourself and your company to hire a Las Vegas detective to look into the matter.
When you hire our ACES Las Vegas private investigator, we’ll use every surveillance technique at our disposal to completely vet and investigate an individual’s worker’s compensation claim against your company.
We’ll also thoroughly document every piece of information that turns up in our investigation and turn it all over to you, which will allow you to make an informed decision on the best way to proceed.
If you need to find someone for any reason, our trained investigators at ACES Las Vegas can and will find that person for you.
We have access to several databases that the general public does not, and we won’t stop until we find the person you’re looking for.
We have a long history of success in this area, so hire our ACES Las Vegas private investigator today and let us find that long lost person in your life.
We conduct background checks through many different methods, including criminal and civil history reports, work histories, address history reports and whatever other information is at our disposal.
Our reports are thorough and extremely detailed, containing every piece of information we could find on the person in question.
This will allow you to move forward with all of the information needed to make an informed decision on the subject of the background check.
More than half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, most of them in less than a cordial manner. And when there are children involved, things can become strained at best.
Our Las Vegas detectives have a great deal of experience in child custody matters, with specialized training on how to deal with young children and cases that require a certain amount of compassion and discretion.
We’ll gather the information you need and present it to you, so you have a good idea of how you want to proceed. And if you need us to appear in court on your behalf, we’re certainly willing and able to do so.

Contact ACES Las Vegas Today

For the best private investigative services today, call ACES Las Vegas and put the best in southern Nevada to work for you.
Our Las Vegas detectives will go the extra mile and ensure that your case receives the kind of personal attention to detail that you expect and deserve.
Give us a ring and discover the ACES Last Vegas difference today!