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Infidelity Cheating? We Specialize in Surveillance

ACES Private Investigator Las vegas

Located in spectacular Las Vegas, Nevada, ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas is staffed with a quality team of industry professionals and is expertly positioned to handle all types of investigative matters in and near Nevada’s largest city.
We utilize the latest in modern technology to give our clients the very best service and have a hard-earned reputation, as well as a proven history of getting the job done. And in those cases when technology doesn’t quite get it done, we can also get down in the trenches and obtain results the old fashioned way.
So when you need a Private Investigator in Las Vegas , give us a ring and schedule a free private consultation with a member of the city’s leading private investigative team.
While we can handle any case that falls under the realm of “private investigation,” most of our cases fall under any one of a number of specific categories, ranging from simple surveillance to locating missing persons and more.

Licensed and Bonded

Our Las Vegas private investigators are licensed and bonded and are extremely knowledgeable in regards to the laws in the great state of Nevada.

Our staff is highly trained and stays up to date on the latest news, products and techniques governing the world of private investigation, not just in the United States but throughout the world. We take every case very seriously, aiming to make each client feel like they’re getting the very best service available in the marketplace today.

After initial consultation, we pair each new client with an investigator that is uniquely qualified to handle the specific characteristics of their individual case. And we also make sure that each investigator gives his clients undivided attention as it relates to their case.
We keep our clients informed on the progress that’s being made at all times, offering complete transparency at every level of the process.

Our investigators are specially trained in all areas of private investigation and personal protection, and are fully licensed and bonded by the State of Nevada.Texas Association of Licensed Investigators Member | World Association of Detectives Member

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Our Services

If you need a Private Investigator, you won’t find a more complete and diverse set of services than at ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas. We have investigators on staff that can handle pretty much any case you can throw their way, ranging from simple surveillance and information gathering to locating missing persons anywhere in the United States and even white collar crimes like insurance fraud. We’ve done and seen it all at ACES Las Vegas. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation in the marketplace, and we work even harder to keep it.

Some of the areas where we excel include:


ACES uses modern technology to gather evidence that can be used in court and, more importantly, will either confirm or deny your suspicions and give you some much needed peace of mind.

Our investigative experts are well versed and trained in this area, many with a history of either police work or military service. They know how to obtain results and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Our ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas staff has plenty of experience in working cases that require different levels of surveillance. Our team of experienced investigators work discreetly and professionally every day of the week, so you can feel confident in putting them to work for you today!
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Our most requested services include cases that revolve around:
But our experience and our highly trained personnel can handle any investigative matters you may need.

We have investigators on the ground in Las Vegas today who know the area well and are ready and able to give you the kind of professional service and personal commitment that you deserve.

We’re the best private investigators in Las Vegas. So if you need private investigation services, call ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas today and see what we can do for you!
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The Best In Las Vegas

The world of private investigation can be a competitive one and finding a firm that offers top notch service and stands behind the work that they do can be extremely difficult. By working with ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas, you can rest assured in knowing that you’ve put the best Las Vegas private investigators to work on your case and you’ll be given the type of one-on-one service that’s extremely rare in this type of industry.

So whether it’s a child custody case, conducting background checks on new employees, locating a missing person or any of a number of other private investigative needs, ACES Las Vegas is the best in the business for a reason – and that reason is that we keep our clients and their needs in the forefront at all times. Contact ACES Private Investigator Las Vegas today and let us show you what working with the best private investigative firm in southern Nevada can be like. 

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your specific needs soon. Give us a ring today!